Words that Work for You

Providing a range of expert publicity and promotional services
Providing a range of expert publicity and promotional services

Sam Butler, a professional and successful journalist, has the writing skills, business knowledge, media experience to provide publicity material, news releases, feature articles, comment editorials and brochure text to ensure you achieve your objectives.

He has been helping smaller companies in particular to project themselves through the press and broadcast media for 30 years.

He knows and understands the problems of smaller companies and has used his professional writing skills and vast network of media in Northern Ireland, Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland and further afield to assist companies to promote themselves successfully.

A former daily newspaper editor and still a regular contributor to newspapers, magazines and broadcast organisations, he knows how to craft publicity material that is used by journalists. And he provides a range of expert publicity and promotional services that smaller companies can afford easily and will value.

His skilfully crafted words have worked – and continue to work – for many smaller companies which are now successful exporters.

His knowledge also covers the portfolio of services provided by Invest Northern Ireland and the Department for Employment and Learning that help companies grow faster and profitably.

Expert Services

1. Guidance and preparation by companies on a Communications Strategy to help them build a reputation in a target marketplace.

2. Preparation and placement of press releases/feature articles and other editorial material with publications targeted for clients.

3. Editorial text for promotional brochures, marketing leaflets and annual reports.

4. Mentoring support on business development for smaller companies.

5. Advertising copy

6. Speech writing for a range of events including annual dinners etc

7. Media training to help management exploit opportunities to harness publicity and to handle a crisis.